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About Foodie-Traveler

For nearly a decade we directed educational tours. One night we had an epiphany: We love food. And we love to travel. We asked ourselves why not combine the two and find folks who feel the same.

Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best dining experiences in four locations: Peru, Mexico, Thailand, and Japan and we are eager to share them with you in a tour de force of culinary delight. These restaurants do not simply offer an experience for the palate. They deliver an experience for all the senses: a journey through tastes and textures, smells and sensations, and sights and sounds that ensnare the spirit.

We want to share these experiences with people like you, who can spend all night talking about food, who can enjoy the intricacies of a fine meal, and who live to travel the world and enjoy fantastic food.

What separates us from other food tours? At Foodie-Traveler, we are personally invested in making sure that this journey fulfills and exceeds your expectations.  One of us will be available to you from the moment you arrive in country until the moment you depart.  Every detail of our experiences has been planned with you in mind. All breakfasts are included as are several glorious lunches/dinners at world-class restaurants. All gratuities are also included so that you can concentrate on the food and the people with whom you will share this  time. ​

Gyozas Rellenos de marisco, jugo de pari
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